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  1. Blockbuster / Video Industry Related News Only
  2. ASM cutbacks?!?!
  3. Selling the UK.......
  4. Gamestation to be sold?
  5. Same Day Movie Guarantee
  6. Blockbuster Online Revenue Takes a Huge Boost!
  7. Closing soon at a location near you: Your local video rental store.
  8. Gamestation
  9. Yet More Record Store Closures
  10. Another Nail In The Coffin
  11. End Of Late Fees Hit Canada
  12. Video King Store Closes
  13. Trade in comes to an end in the uk
  14. Blockbuster Total Access
  15. Damn it...Netflix Beats Estimates AGAIN!
  16. A Foolish Trick: Blockbuster
  17. Blockbuster's Brazen Bet
  18. 3rd Q Earnings
  19. Blockbuster Now Only Company That Can Rent Weinstein Titles
  20. Merger Mania!!!
  21. All Sorts of News!
  22. Blockbuster to Exit the UK?!?!
  23. Netflix Fires Back
  24. Ready to Push Blockbuster HD DVR?
  25. Blockbuster starting Movie Downloads and closing stores?
  26. 60 Minutes Profiles Reed Hastings
  27. Ugh... Stop it Corporate!!!
  28. More Weinstein Fun
  29. On Demand Same Day As DVD
  30. The VCR Receives It's Final Deathblow
  31. Wow, they did it!
  32. Gamestop acquiring Rhino?
  33. It's Lawsuit Time
  34. Netflix Secures Exclusive Rights to NBC Hit Show "Heroes"
  35. Antioco wants 4m by end of 2007
  36. Netflix Offers Subscribers the Option of Instantly Watching Movies on Their PCs
  37. Analysts Not Impressed With Netflix's "Watch Now" Service
  38. Netflix topped 2006 expectations
  39. Is TWC Deal a Failure?
  40. Carl and Ray are back!
  41. Ugh... Carl & Ray are Returning!
  42. The End Is Near
  43. Total Acess Gets Good Press
  44. Is the End Near for Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video?
  45. Q4 Figues Out
  46. Blockbuster Total Access
  47. BlockBuster In Talks To Buy Movielink
  48. Movie Gallery Now In The VOD Business
  49. Merrill Lynch Sees DVD Window Closing This Year
  50. Antioco leaving Blockbuster
  51. BB UK close downs
  52. 1 second Hi Def downloads
  53. Hyped 'Grindhouse' Tanks For Weinsteins
  54. Shepherd promoted to COO
  55. Gamestation Boss Refutes MBO Rumours
  56. Netflix calls results disappointing
  57. Netflix and BBOTA Killing Off Remaining Independents
  58. Blockbuster Opening Mexico Multiplex
  59. Low rentals bust BlockBuster
  60. Blockbuster Busted Again
  61. 'An Illogical Act'
  62. Warner Nationally Closing DVD Window On Some Titles
  63. Amazon considering acquiring Netflix
  64. Warner Hates BB Too
  65. Blockbuster by Mail online-only
  66. Blockbuster chooses Blu-ray over HD-DVD
  67. Larry Zine out of here
  68. Antioco makes a $1 million donation
  69. Netflix & Blockbuster Settle Patent Litigation..BB To Raise Prices On Total Access?
  70. Blockbuster Closing 282 Stores This Year
  71. BB hires new CEO
  72. Movie Gallery fails to meet credit facility
  73. UK | Choices Take Over?
  74. BBI Might Want to Reign in it's Company Shills
  75. Movie Gallery gets a little time
  76. MiniBuster
  77. bridge in minn.
  78. Blockbuster reels in MovieLink
  79. Movie Gallery on the verge of bankruptcy
  80. Paramount HD DVD
  81. ChoicesUK calls in administrators
  82. Blockbuster 2 tier pricing based on your profile
  83. Buh Buy Nick
  84. BBUK Saves 59 ChoicesUK Stores
  85. What is WRONG with Pensacola??????
  86. Orlando meeting with Blockbuster CEO
  87. Halo 3 on PS3... aparently.
  88. Shane Evangelist Out
  89. Netflix reported 3rd quarter numbers today
  90. Customer Information Found In Dumpster
  91. Interesting news today on Movielink
  92. BlockBuster's New Smoke & Mirrors Trick
  93. Say goodbye to Blockbuster
  94. Blockbuster Not Giving Up Rental Market Without a Fight
  95. Anybody know much about Gamestop?
  96. BB not releasing movies Class Action time?
  97. Redbox Has More Kiosks Than Blockbuster Has U.S. Stores
  98. MovieBeam Shutting Down
  99. Jackass 2.5
  100. Hi-DEf VOD
  101. blockbuster is a joke
  102. Hollywood's 2nd round of store closures
  103. Format War Over: Blu-Ray Wins
  104. Blockbuster Wants to buy Circut City? (merged)
  105. Woman wants to sue Blockbuster over Beacon use on Facebook
  106. Bill Maher on Blockbuster/Circuit City Merge
  107. Blockbuster Prototype Store
  108. Will Blockbuster Join TV Channel X?
  109. Blockbuster, Indiana Jones and Nascar?!
  110. Blockbuster vote for new Director
  111. Blockbuster Reports Q1 Profits
  112. More Red Ink For Movie Gallery
  113. Movie Gallery emerges from bankruptcy protection
  114. Carl Icahn Says Obama Would Be a `Terrible' President for U.S.
  115. A Look At The Soda Counter Prototype Store
  116. Netflix to eliminate queue profiles
  117. Late fees return at some Blockbusters
  118. Blue And Gold Kiosks Going Up
  119. Looking more and more like a lottery ticket
  120. How's the new CEO doing in our eyes?
  121. Palin vs Biden the rogaine and mary kay saga
  122. O.J. GUILTY of all charges
  123. no money for 2 week's work!!!!!
  124. Blockbuster goes VOD
  125. Blockbuster tests new tiered pricing
  126. Layoffs at the Block today
  127. I just made a thread
  128. Where were you the day Aph returned?
  129. Worst stock of 2009: Blockbuster
  130. Dvd Plunge
  131. Return of Chucky
  132. Yayyyyyyyy Im Pregnant
  133. Return of Late fees
  134. Adding Games to Total Access
  135. Why are they SAMS??
  136. Bankruptcy??
  137. BB hires lawfirm to look into restructuring/bankruptsy
  138. Video Killed the Video Store
  139. Paws Down!, Orange Chicken is the best
  140. Red Box... Now Game Fly???
  141. Reuters reports on net Gospel
  142. Blockbuster to sell, rent movies through TiVo
  143. Streaming games could be bane or boon for ISPs
  144. What is up with rewards?
  145. Blockbuster to eliminate "depressing" titles
  146. Told Ya I'd Be Back.....
  147. Vote for the best of the best at IHBB
  148. BBI Completes refinacing efforts
  149. No Guarantees for Red-Hot DVD Machine
  150. Blockbuster gets going concern notice: SEC filing
  151. Netflix expanding console streaming to 'variety of platforms'??
  152. Blockbuster Shows New Cracks...
  153. Customer gets a beat down
  154. May 14th, 2009 - The Beginning of...
  155. Blockbuster to pay $300,000 in dispute
  156. Blockbuster Pays $300K Fine, Stock Drops
  157. Blockbuster year for special effects
  158. Chinese to buy Hummer Brand
  159. ryan o'neil to wed farrah fawcet
  160. Redbox's Gain, Blockbuster's Pain
  161. RIP John Hughes
  162. Fox joins Universal's war on Redbox
  163. Greener Pastures Ahead?
  164. Hollywood video
  165. Lionsgate Embraces Redcox
  166. zooworker...
  167. Warner Bros. Joins The War On Redcox!
  168. Indie Rentailers Now Taking on Redbox
  169. Blockbuster to shutter as many as 960 stores
  170. Blockbuster to Shutter Up to 1,560 Stores
  171. Yeth another article...Blockbuster Closing Hundreds More Stores Than Planned
  172. A Positive Article About the Closings
  173. Blockbuster Gets a Lifeline
  174. Human Resources Contact Info, HELP
  175. Redbox Hits a New Low
  176. blockbuster blue box
  177. Video Buyers Group Launching Campaign Against Redbox
  178. Possible Rental Delay Coming For Major New Releases!
  179. LOL! Redbox Sued For Late Fees!
  180. Man Stabs Himself So He Doesn't Have To Work At Blockbuster
  181. "Five-Fold"
  182. The Death of Redbox Has Begun!
  183. "The Death of Blockbuster"
  184. Franchise Closing in Virginia
  185. Since it's been quiet around here...
  186. Walmart and Target Lay the Smack Down on Redbox
  187. " The Light "
  188. "This is not a late fee."
  189. Blockbuster Seeks Reverse Stock Split
  190. "Delivered Right to your Door" becomes literal
  191. Blockbuster inks Rental window deal with Fox and Sony
  192. Blockbuster Losing Customers at UNPRECEDENTED Rate
  193. avatar and bluray firmware
  194. RIP Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video!
  195. Possible Solutions
  196. Blue Box?? F A I L
  197. Blockbuster seeking bankruptcy financing
  198. Did the Rewards drive even work?
  199. Blockbuster Gives Keyes Another Year
  200. BB to tank by 2011
  201. The End
  202. The New Blockbuster Commercial
  203. Bankruptcy Coming Next Month
  204. TIVO = Fail
  205. NetFlix getting sued?
  206. Blockbuster Confirms Didn't Make Subordinated Debt Payment Due Wednesday
  207. Ask me anything and peep in for insights!!
  208. CFO Resigns...
  209. Icahn to the Rescue?
  210. They've gone and done it! (Possible BK News)
  211. Chapter 11
  212. Netflix PR disaster in Canada
  213. Still Think BBI Express Will Save You??
  214. Another one leaves the ship?
  215. Commercial
  216. Netflix raising prices
  217. New CEO on the horizon?
  218. Blockbuster Posts $36.5M Loss in October
  219. Comcast Fucking With Netflix
  220. TV Remotes to Soon be Equipped With "Netflix" Button.
  221. More new about netflix, Starting to sound like blockbuster
  222. ex blockbuster employee sue
  223. Summit Demands Blockbuster Pay Up
  224. Hearing set in Blockbuster Chap. 7 motion
  225. BB to put itsle up for sale
  226. $.49/day Rentals
  227. Its over for ol BB
  228. Send Lawyers, Guns And Money
  229. Closing team?
  230. Wipe Outtttttttttttttttttttt
  231. Blockbuster wins backing for new sale plan
  232. A Little Perspective
  233. The Rest of the Story.....
  234. Winning
  235. My username is yodavsjason, but my real name is
  236. Blockbuster Sold To Hilco - To Be Liquidated
  237. Packaged Media is Dead? Long Live Packaged Media
  238. so the us goverment is going to shutdown
  239. Heavy Layoffs at Dallas
  240. Emergency Inventories?
  241. Netflix Shares Lose $1.1B After Q2 Outlook Miss
  242. more stores???
  243. Dish’s ‘Seinfeld Strategy’ for Blockbuster
  244. Canadian store information
  245. June Free Rentals
  246. Blockbuster loses a shit-ton of money
  247. As part of a strategy to acquire its assets!!!
  248. Dead body found behind Blockbuster
  249. FYI on Redbox's Games
  250. Blockbuster Stores Shutting Down Silently