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  1. Hello all
  2. BlockBuster Online Section
  3. Why Hollywood is better
  4. Returning a video due to content
  5. BBI Top Ten Mistakes
  6. Blockbuster sucks!!!!
  7. Whats your sell strategy for online/rewards?
  8. Avoid Blockbuster At All Costs
  9. New online scam
  10. they can't find the movie I returned (again)!
  11. Is Blockbuster illegally inflating its revenue?
  12. Venting my rage
  13. O those bastards...
  14. The customers are what makes the store bad
  15. WTF is everyone on this site a BB employee?
  16. Shirts..
  17. im sorry but people really over react on this site.
  18. Store Manager lies when businesses call for Job References
  19. My Dilemma... I need your opinion...
  20. Store Manager Costing Us
  21. The Onion on BBV
  22. i think something may be rotten in denmark here
  23. e mail address
  24. i tried this on the lovebb thread, didn't work
  25. Popcorn.
  26. I bet THIS is confusing a lot of people. Ever notice this?
  27. I don't have a problem with Blockbuster, just this...
  28. Dropping In-store Rentals in the Mailbox
  29. Mystery Shoppers
  30. on line problems
  31. Dear Shane Evangelist, VP Online Division
  32. empty Q syndrome
  33. Unethical Behavior?
  34. Why are customers such c'nts when there's more than 4 people in line?
  35. Yes! I hate Blockbuster!
  36. Things I hate about BBV
  37. Charged for a movie that was returned
  38. MBAs Are Overrated
  39. a word with customers...
  40. Netflix VS Blockbuster TA: The Great Debate
  41. always the blockbuster guy, even with a new job
  42. BB not family friendly anymore
  43. Here is my Blockbuster horror story
  44. Video rental and Vommit
  45. What happens to your rentals/account balances when the BB store close down.
  46. Why I am no longer a fan of blockbuster outside of by mail
  47. Not - to total rewards
  48. The NON New Rental section of hell
  49. 5 for 25.00 PRP coupon
  50. Random Question?
  51. Paid Time Off
  52. Medical Marijuana
  53. Legality of BBV Practices/BBV terminology
  54. GOD, blockbuster!
  55. My Blockbuster Trauma
  56. Arrrg.
  57. Have You Ever Noticed...
  58. Total Access Price Increase Again?
  59. New Release depth question
  60. lets take roll
  61. Oneida, NY Blockbuster
  62. Fun holiday story - My holiday dealings with Blockbuster
  63. blockbuster.com: SITE UNAVAILABLE
  64. Cashier - Verbal Due Date Disclosure
  65. give me strength
  66. Buy my anti-Blockbuster t-shirt
  67. Bearsden Store 63482
  68. If you want a shirt that bad....
  69. Here's what I don't get...
  70. That yellow plastic locking thing...
  71. Stopped Caring - Essay'ish Length
  72. How do i delete my account?
  73. I need Blockbuster Corporate Info please, anyone
  74. Blockbuster Sucks!
  75. Blockbuster Online
  76. Blockbuster Online is ripping me off
  77. Isn't there something I can do?
  78. Crazy Shit found in drop box...Tell me
  79. Dumbass customers vs Blu-Ray= Clusterfuck
  80. money
  81. Sarcasm and Customers
  82. Got Canned Today...
  83. The Devil
  84. Blockbuster Deceptive Practice
  85. Transfers
  86. Ku Klux Klan Kustomers...Yeah..It's bad...
  87. Not too fond of Blockbuster
  88. This is getting silly now..
  89. BlockBuster and their Privacy Policy
  90. Spidey Sense Tingling: Katt Williams
  91. Help me with a return, PLEASE!
  92. OK, I have boycotted Blockbuster for years, but...
  93. Peek Shifts?
  94. A reasonable question
  95. Shenanigans!!
  96. Blockbuster Rewards, no Blu-Ray
  97. Fired for registering on IHBB
  98. Super Annoyed
  99. New Policy Change For Total Online Access Members
  100. Own It vs. RENTAL
  101. mail-ins
  102. Don't know about hate, but they're starting to piss me off...
  103. Blockbuster! Your pricing strategies are foolish!
  104. Wtf
  105. i declare i do not care
  106. Fuck you DM!
  107. Stolen Identity?
  108. No Raises/Bonuses
  109. Blockbuster CEO Got 50% Raise in 2008
  110. digital cameras
  111. Blockbuster's Dialers Calling Our Home Serving Up Unsolicited Advertisements
  112. I was just banned from Blockbuster for one year
  113. Important info on Blockbuster
  114. I hate Blockbuster On****
  115. Ripping Up Mag
  116. A little vindication for anyone who hates Blockbuster...
  117. hmmmm what a great company Cockblister is
  118. Movies 4 Sale
  119. Happy Father's Day... o wait
  120. Fratinizing......
  121. I no longer hate Blockbuster
  122. I hate Blockbuster
  123. I Hate Blockbuster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  124. I have a question
  125. I have an answer
  126. How long will it take for Blockbuster "Media" to completely close?
  127. "You must sell this, or we'll all die"
  128. Can anyone help?
  129. For Starters...
  130. Manager Problem
  131. Follow up: Can anyone HELP???
  132. cell phones?
  133. Am I Wrong To Ask For A Pay Raise ?
  134. So sad..
  135. Those @#*&ing BUNDLES
  136. Pictures from the mother ship
  137. Oh, look! Someone wrote Blockbuster an Obituary!
  138. What did I miss?
  139. Guaranteed in Stock back in Canada
  140. Prank Call Ideas
  141. Give them a break!!!!!
  142. Going Out With a Whimper
  143. Why I hate Blockbuster
  144. i f i see 1 more free rental receipt paper im going to.......................
  145. buisness as usual
  146. Hoooray!!!!!
  147. Forum is dead
  148. Website Spam
  149. should i continue to spam
  150. Mc donalds or burger king
  151. Rate flow from progressive.
  152. wake up buddies
  153. post here if your close to a goal so i know where we stand.