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    July 14th, 2010 08:33 PM
    Dude...seriously...I just checked my "messages" for the first time in "forever" and I see that I had a message from you...
    Just an FYI...
    I have no hatred for anyone on this site.
    I just HATE Blockbuster...
    Therefore, if anyone defends them...I take offense

    You have always been cool to me (I thjnk...haha)...so I'm good.

    Let's see how /when they go bankrupt....and promise to talk-shit until the end!

    Thanks guy...it's fun hanging on this site every once-in-a-while....

    But answer my honestly...who "HATES" Blockbuster more?...Me?..or ANYONE else on this site (including the owner?)

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