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He was upset that his store was not a security risk anymore and that it was in his words downgraded to a regular BBV store.

Really? see, if i was a MAX store, and got UPGRADED to a green store, I would be stoked.

He then told me that he was going to take some of those games, because who would miss them because they are not in inventory so it is as though they were never in the store in the first place. So he more or less told me that he was going to steal these games and some of them are Xbox 360 games because he is buying his son a Xbox360 for Christmas and he said that these games will just be more Christmas gifts. I asked him about it later on that day and by that time there were move employees at his store and he said that he could not talk about it now. I told him not to do it that it would be a wrong thing to do and all he said to me was I should not have told you. I don't know who to call or if I should even call anyone or tell anyone I had thought about informing his SL but I did not know if I should have gotten her involved.

Nope, leave her out of it. SL can do nothing. she didnt hear the conversation, she wasnt involved in the conversation...its just hearsay.

I did work for BBV but not anymore this guy is just a friend. But he is also the store manager and it just blows me away that he thinks it is opk to do what he is doing.

ANYONE will steal if given the right opportunity.

But he has done things like this before he has taken the movies that after 30 days are member owed and when they come in instead of him calling the customer and telling them about the movie he would check it back in and then sale it as PRP. Please help me if any one can.:confused

with non paid post 37 day product, it is recived in under a vendor # as PRP. because when it sold to the members account, it sold as PRP. that is the correct procedure. and do you know for fact that he isnt calling customers? we call them every 2 weeks...IF THE PRODUCT IS PAID FOR. if it is not paid for, we put a warning on the account so we know what the balance is for.

so, if you dont work for BBI anymore, why do you care? its not your concern, and to have LP come in an do an investigation, you need more than what you have to go on, you need proof, you need a camera and a witness to prove your accusations.

and when you are a MAX store, all eyes are on you. because your store is losing more in shrink than it makes. so, if his store was upgraded, chances are...hes probably not stealing live product. He might just be targeting the post 37 day product that has been paid for. even still, you need proof.

I am not saying that he isnt stealing, but, it just seems that you don't know how things work, so, you might need to make sure your facts are correct before you go pointing fingers. Especially considering you no longer work for BBI, it could come back on you. Blockbuster has a no retalliation policy on past employees.

and if he is your friend......i would look for some new ones if i were you.....
With you guys until the very end. Thank you for all the years of good times and great friends!