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Originally Posted by djblade View Post
Yeah, Studio's realizing they are making a lot more money because they know Blockbuster and other rental companies are buying them straight up at third party (Best Buy, Target, Walmart). And the Studios don't have to worry about Blockbuster not paying their bill
They are not necessarily making more money by selling them outright.

When I use rentrak, I'm ordering more movies though rentrak. Although rentrak is making more off the share agreement, they are still ordering larger quanity's from the studio. Albiet, rentrak is getting them from the studio's at a lower price.

When I buy them from Walmart, I'm buying a lot lower amount of copies and waiting for the turns to make me my money since it takes longer for the payoff. So the studio is making less by the lower amount that I bought. So either way it could be a wash on how much the studio is actually making.