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Originally Posted by DavidNewlySL View Post
Actually, they got rid of a lot of the dm's and there was only 11 rdo's to begin with, there is now 7 rdos left, which are now called territory directors. The dm's that were kept, are watching over the closing stores until they close, then they too will move on. Leaving only about 35 out of 111 dm's to be having about 25-30 stores each.
I could probably guess that the 4 RDO's that were let go were probably the best 4 in the company! Why they even waste money on this position is a mystery to me. In all my years with the company I worked under about 10 different RDO's in various parts of the country, and at least 8 of them were complete jerks with zero people skills who ruled by intimidation and threats. If that position were eliminated it would do more to boost employee morale than any one thing the company could do.
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