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just sign em up for the free 3 months and if they don't want that then fuk em. Why would you take the time to get their email address if you can't get them to sign up for the TA? Your store is closing -- make your $$ while you can. Testicles. That is all.
I'm not taking the time at all-if they buy something or return their rental and their account already has an email-the barcode gets scanned. I haven't asked 1 person for their e-mail and don't plan on starting now. I also haven't talked to 1 single customer about online all week either. It was an easier conversation when they came in and found out we were closing and then we either talked up TA or transfering their pass but now the majority of peeps coming in are vulchers looking to pick our bones dry. Complaining about how the movies were cheaper last week before we started liquidation. The majority of them need to save the money their spending on these dvds and spent it at the dentist...just saying.
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