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Originally Posted by djblade View Post
Lionsgate can Kiss our bankruptcy @$$
I think I wouldn't be quite so flippant about that considering that even though they distribute "small" titles, those titles end up being some of the most in demand when they hit store shelves. Not sure about your locations, but Winter's Bone was on our Top 20 wall for what seemed like forever and was constantly out of stock. Those little diamonds in the rough account for a good deal of business when you get right down to it. They might not gross as much as the hollywood blockbusters and you might not get as much copy depth as the newest Movie Star vehicle but those smaller titles have much longer staying power with regard to rental duration. I can't count the number of times that a "huge" movie with 100+ copy depth got it's numbers gutted less than 30 days after release for PRP or field destroy while "little" movies like Winter's Bone continue to perform for months after release and cannot be kept in stock.

Lion's Gate (according to the quoted article) stopped sending movies in January. If DISH refuses to settle the debt with them, it's probably a good bet they're not going to just let that go away and start supplying again. And if one distributor pulls support from the company, who's to say which one might be next to do the same? Disney has hated dealing with Blockbuster for years, refusing to enter into any type of revenue sharing and limiting copy depth on their releases. That would be a pretty big pie wedge to lose.
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