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For anyone that whats more information its this

What is BLOCKBUSTER’S Open House?
On November 18th, all stores will begin showcasing their new store layouts to customers and begin offering great 4th quarter promotions. The purpose of Blockbuster’s Open House is to introduce customers to the new Blue Carpet Releases section and kick off the holiday promotions season – together reminding customers of the great value our stores have to offer and the importance of our stores as a home media destination. For the Open House weekend, your store will be offering some of the most incredible offers in the history of Blockbuster. These promotions scream the value that your store provides. Promotions such as; $0.49 rentals on all $1.99 and less movies and $0.99 games (all weekend long!), $1.49 for any 20oz Coke product and $0.99 movie, $0.49 20oz Coke products all weekend! There will be a special offer on the NEW Toshiba Blu-ray players – $49 with a year subscription to Combo Pass or Total Access (and they can still pay monthly for the subscription!) We have also secured support from Coca-Cola and Popcornopolis to provide free giveaways for your events. Stores will receive small chachki items from Coke to giveaway and product samples and sampling cups for Popcornopolis by November 18th. For those that have not been introduced to Blockbuster’s Open House, you will learn more about it in this week’s Q4 Store Manager meetings.
How do I get started?
The attached program guide will walk you step-by-step through the events that will be held in every store the weekend of November 18th – 20th. To ensure these events are a success, there is some work on your part that needs to be completed prior to the events. Since you will be showcasing your store with the Open House, we thought it would only be appropriate for you to leverage businesses and partnerships within your community to support your Open House.