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I don't imagine it'd be that hard to find. Although if you do find it, don't let me know. We already know corporate A-Knows who I am, and B- will investigate it's findings. The last thing I want is BBV Corporate to come back into my life just because Keyes finds a 7-11's worth of pickles in his 24 carat gold, diamond encrusted mailbox, checked on by his $1,000 an hour cabana boy wearing Dolce and pressing on the accelerator of his platinum covered Batmobile with diamond encrusted flip flops our raises all paid for.
Originally Posted by Jim Keyes
OK ladies, gents, shareholders... I must admit, I haven't a goddamn clue about what to do. Things seem so rough, I just wanna go home. No lies, we're in a pickle... WAIT! I HAVE AN IDEA!
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If I want the experience of being in the store, let me have it on my own fucking terms.
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