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Visit to a dying store

I haven't been to the store I worked at since they got the news they were closing, so I dropped by to talk to my old co-workers. As you can expect, the atmosphere was like a funeral home. The vultures... er, customers, were flocking in looking to see if the prices had dropped any more. Anyway, I noticed a few things the people on this board might find simultaneously amusing and depressing.

Theft is out of control. You know the movies they've been selling in those cheap plastic sleeves? The SL told me that when he came in that morning, he found 20 - 30 of them in the back corner (what we referred to as "Shoplifter's Alley). He said that is pretty typical, but of course despite the fact that they are seeing more traffic, they are still scheduled for single coverage most of the time.

Speaking of theft...
My old SM had brought in a mini-fridge at one point to put in the back so we had a place to keep our lunches/leftovers. Well since the store is closing, she took the fridge home. The DM goes ballistic, screaming about internal theft. He declares that nothing, nothing leaves the store without his approval.
So let me recap:
Movies being stolen hand over fist - not a cause for concern.
Employees taking their own property home - Armageddon!!!

One of the other SL's got fired for his sales (or lack thereof), despite the fact the store closes in 10 days. Those who remain are constantly threatened that if they don't hit their numbers, they will not be placed in a new store.
Strange how they fail to mention that with half the stores around here closing, your odds of being kept are lousy anyway... but hey, keep pushing those bundles!

One final note.
On the local news the other night, they ran a brief story about BB not accepting gift cards anymore. They ran the same video clip they run every time they do a story on BB, and it has to be at least 15 years old. I chuckled as I watched it. Heh, look at the VHS tapes on the wall. Look at the old blue and yellow shirts. Look at the cashier ringing up the customer....
... on the exact same POS they use now.
Why does this pic somehow remind me of Blockbuster?
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