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Dish Week

So for those you still working in store, I'm sure you know that Dish is rolling out to all the stores this week.

It's been days of pointlessly long and numerous conference calls, pimping out your lowest paid employees to be Dish reps, and modules and handouts that make you cringe at the thought of selling Dish...

Seeing it first hand, I feel bad for the SM's who have to take this day after day. I can understand that at some point, this was going to happen to all the stores, but seeing the stress it puts on these people is ridiculous.

The company is making great strides in reducing our overhead and company wide spending, like closing store support and cutting local buys. But you would think at the very least, besides actually paying out bonuses and giving raises, that they would add hours to stores so they could properly staff weekends.

The thought, also, that their forcing CSR's in each store to sale Dish is just retarded. I understand it from their business point of view, but really? I mean do they really want people that have little to no interest in selling Dish? When I hear, "I really don't want to do this..." or "Ugh, do I really have to sale Dish?", doesn't exactly instill a vote of confidence that this will work at the store level like they hope...

Oh and the "fun incentives"? Again, why the fuck would we want a pizza party if we sale alot? I mean, WERE NOT A BUNCH OF FUCKING 3RD GRADERS! Money, bitches, that what the people want.

But I digress, I really wanted to know what the IHBB community thinks of all this, how it's impacting your store and your employees, or just your opinion on how this will all pan out.
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