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Hate to say it. But if you complain to the DM, he/she will think you just don't like the new guy. Only way is if he gets customer complaints. But at the same time I wouldn't guide customers to turn him in. If you are already getting customer complaints have you told him? Give him a chance, you never know, he maybe good at what he does.

For all he knows ,that worked at his store with all the yelling and acting stupid. I've been in stores where the SM acted retarded and the customers bought into it. The SM would stand on the counter and yell at the customers she wasn't coming down until the store sold x number of bundles and that worked for her store. Customers bought into the whole crazy/pep angle. It wouldn't have worked in mine. Until he sees what works and what doesn't, how is he going to know any better until he tries it and bombs, get negative feedback or sells?