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So, since it was suggested I delete my post I did and am now going to list what this person is doing. I hope someone in Corporate figures out my locale and comes to see this in action.

1. Said individual called a CSR "retarded" because he did not like The Town,
and then proceeded to further embarass the individual in front of a customer by telling him his taste in movies is horrible.

2. Said individual also scolded the same csr for doing a void bc customer changed their mind about movie..he said "You are just a CSR, you are not to perform voids without a managers approval" "You will learn my rules or there will be consequences" Again, at the cash wrap with customers present.

3 A child came up with a Fushigi Ball..she asked how much it was he snapped, "Twenty dollars and the stickers on the front"

4. Someone else asked for the bathroom key..he screamed "No!" When they looked at him he was like "Ha Ha just kidding"

5. Following staff around the store, reminding us that he was "the head go to manager for LP" with his former company and that he trusts no one

6. A gentleman was leaving with no purchases for the evening..SM ran after the customer yelling for him to come back.

7. Keeps a clipboard clutched in his hand. Refers to clipboard as "Mr Clippy" and has been caght rubbing his lips across the metal clip part

8. Refers to himself in third person, jumps around giving himself high fives.

9. Speaks to customers and staff as if they are two year old children.
10. Tells staff that he is the boss, whether we like it or not and that we will learn "insert name here's rules or we will suffer consequences.

I really think HR & the DM should speak individally with the staff to really get a take on what is going on.

This is absolute craziness..and with the way he is acting he is not gaining the respect of the staff. No one has to be buddies, but he needs to respect his team.
Our store has gone through alot of transitions, we have had several SM's but one thing that has always remained the same across the board was the staff was treated as equals, as a team. Everyone worked together, no matter who the SM was. This is really a unique situation.
We have never, ever had a situation like this before.
People are uncomfortable working with this person.
So what do we do? Suffer through this and say nothing because we might get in trouble? Really? What sense does that make?
This person might not be a fit for this store. Maybe someone from a closing store would be a better fit..maybe he needs to go back to his DTSM to work on his people skills..
Why should the rest of us be made to feel like that?

That is not fair.

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