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I would wait a month to see if Blockbuster is going to do raises anyways. My DM said last year that there is no way they would freeze pay rates for 2 years in a row. Although he also said not to quote him on that... but I think I just did... oops. Anyways, if they announce they are or aren't, then decide. I think if they pass on paying the front line a tiny bit more than people such as yourself should speak up. I think even if we were told pick 3 team members that have earned a raise based on merrit, that would even be better than no one at all. And if they still can't do that, then what the hell. I'd be pissed. I know it is rough times but I hate seeing corporate wallets expand while our wallets can barely afford to pay the bills.

There has been a bunch of restructuring lately so who knows. Anything could happen. Good luck.
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