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Originally Posted by DavidNewlySL View Post
Not everyone shares the same opinions, or even the same bond, and he has his opinion as well, so he is free to comment, as am I.

Needless to say, I understand what everyone is saying, but even remotely mentioning how u want blockbuster to go down, in essence wishing the people who work for it, (the good employees atleast), out of a job.

Sadly, KAw is the only one...the rest have valid points.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to squelch anyone or say anyone in particular shouldn't speak given their viewpoints. I just think, as with any situation, if you don't understand something you shouldn't criticize it. We all are on this board for our own purposes, and those of us that detest Blockbuster and are no longer with the company, we live our day to day lives nary a thought of Block. But, on here, we have formed a community, an enjoyable community, over a common enemy -- and just because we enjoy the company of others with a common thread doesn't mean we're wallowing in misery. It's fun, it's why this website is here, it's what we do, we enjoy doing it, and we wallow in nothing but the camaraderie it brings.

I don't think anyone on this board wishes people out of jobs... I think that's a hasty assumption. You can say that they have a myopic viewpoint on the matter, but you can't outright say they want people to suffer. You can't dictate to someone what their intentions are based on the branching consequences of what their true intentions might be. Most of us here all loved Blockbuster at some point and gave them a solid amount of dedication only to be spat on.

Finally, Blockbuster deserves to fail, and quite honestly they already have. Just because Dish came in on a golden horse doesn't negate that. Any company can survive if a company with deep pockets purchases it and that's nothing really to be proud of. So, I think we should all take satisfaction in that -- as I do.

Even if Blockbuster vanished tomorrow, I would still post here as I enjoy it -- and for the most part it has nothing to do with Blockbuster. It's just that fucking fun!

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