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Originally Posted by Hot Head View Post
Exact date plz
I got the letter some months ago this year, and it said it was for the entire 2011 year. I'll take any help I can get, but I'm mostly looking for a BB contact number that I could call if any of you might know the best number to get help...

Originally Posted by inkedangel View Post
Basically the letter stated that there was a 1 or 2 % rebate for insurance paid in 2011 but it was only for the insurance paid thru BBI until that end date of 6/30/12. It said something about it most likely getting back to the current insurance which is kinda hard to do since BBI is gone... if you get anything it will only be a couple bucks back with what the percentage of the overpayment was.
Mine said it was for 2011, not until 6/30/12. Also, at first I also thought the same, only a few dollars probably, but I looked around online and googled about this rebate thing and it looks like most people getting a direct refund are getting a few hundred dollars each...definitely worth getting back for me! I guess through employer insurance that money's usually used to make the next years's insurance cheaper, but I'm not with BB anymore so I should get a refund check from them I hope. But it's all so confused...BB got bought out and corporate changed and moved, all the stores here are closed, I have no idea who to talk to in the company about it.