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Unread November 9th, 2006, 11:47 AM
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Well, a group of random internet posters on a site called ihateblockbuster probably don't make the best moral compass. If you think you should say something, then you probably should, but in that case make sure you direct it to the right people. Telling that shift lead will just start gossip or put the SL in a bind. The WORD hotline will feed it back down to the DL, but at least it's anonymous if that's a concern.

And my question about selling the PRP was a concern for your knowledge for the company direction about receiving unpaid member owned product to sell. Are you familiar with this process? If so is it possible that the SM in unintentionally performing it wrong and just sticking it out there? Ignorance is no excuse on his part, but it still is much less damning than outright theft of NIV games.