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This is where I have a problem with Blockbuster management on the DM & RDO level. I am assuming this was sent to the entire district and not your individual store. Why should this be a requirement of a store who consistently has good numbers? Why punish the good stores for the behaviors of a few?

I actually have no problem with this being asked of a store consistently receiving poor survey results. The statement you quoted states you are looking for a pattern of behavior that does not support the Blockbuster way and behaviors that may be leading to poor scores. I don't see anywhere your DM asking you to write people up for a score less than 100%. I only see your DM asking you to look for people not doing their job and for them to be disciplined accordingly.

However, too often these type of things are required of all stores, regardless of performance. With districts as large as they are these days, I doubt the DM will even fully analyze these results when there are so many to go through which makes the task a waste of time.

A perfect recent example of this occured last week. Every week I have to complete a Box Office task about TC shrink. For the last several weeks, I have had a large positive amount from a transfer that I received from a closing store that for some reason the system never recognized as being sent. For the the previous 3 or 4 weeks, I had stated in the Box Office task this information. Then this past Friday, my DM decided to go through TC shrink totals on our conference call. When he got to mine he questioned me about it. I so badly wanted to just say, "Don't you already know the answer since I've told you the same thing the last 3 or 4 weeks in your Box Office task or do you just waste my time with that task and not even review what I submit?"

My point is mass management does not work. Manage the stores on a store by store basis. Don't punish the masses for the mistakes of just a few.
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