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well a lot of copy depth depends on the store. like the animal 2...i got maybe 5 copies of that. There are a few of "AA" stores in our district, and i remember my friend who runs one, got that many copies. Like "First Sunday" again, she got a bay, i got a row.

and remember too, most of our buying structure is based off of box office success. If it doesn't do well, we don't get a lot. Or what the revenue share agreements look like.
Like Disney, Universal, and Warner Bro's either don't do revenue share or very little. So a lot of that is the studio's biting their noses of to spite their faces.

ALSO, we can't control the quality of movies being made anymore either. I agree, that in some cases blockbuster is responsible for the product that is in our stores....They just try to do their best with making sure we have enough to suffice. Speaking of which, i don't plan on seeing a copy of Bolt for at least 2 more weeks. And i think Bedtime Stories will start coming back around the beginning of May...(this is a great reason why we need rental terms)

The Weinstien deal was great at first...then they had shit for you said. I think Clerks 2 was the first big release....and the last that i can remember. lol.

and most of the shit that is on our shit. If i have to make room for one more cheesey B horror movie, i am going to freak.
With you guys until the very end. Thank you for all the years of good times and great friends!
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