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Exclamation Dateline: Cedar Lake, Indiana

Anyone live in Cedar Lake, IN?

I ask this because one of my customers is from there, and did something incredibly stupid. Normally, as soon as I finish a call, I completely forget about them and move on to the next call. I never remember their name or information. So, it had to be pretty bad that I can remember this lady:

Due to the snow storms about a couple weeks ago, storms that snowed in much of the Northeast, we had a lot of calls about people trying to find out how long it will take to get their orders. The weather had delayed a lot of our orders, not only because it took FedEx longer to deliver them, but our offices in MA and PA were snowed in and our employees couldn't make it in because the roads were closed. We have been explaining this and apologizing for the delays, sometimes sweetening the deal with free coffee.

Most customers were understanding. Not this lady in Cedar Lake.

She called and began being very rude, but not in an adult fashion---more like a teenaged "Mean Girl". After I tried explaining the situation to her, she kept on: "Well, I am OUT of COFFEE here! If I don't have COFFEE, you won't want to know me, and WE wouldn't want that, now WOULD WE??!?!?!?"

I blanked. My mouth was hanging open. Was this woman really threatening, BY PHONE!, to do something mean to me, all the way from INDIANA? When I caught my breath, I again apologized and offered to send her the free coffee. Nope; again with the "I'm MEAN without my COFFEE, and we wouldn't want that would WE?!?!?!" Eventually, she became so interested in getting louder with this threat of what would happen, and "we don't want that, would we?!!?!", I transferred her to Escalation.

So, if you live in or near Cedar Lake, IN, know you have a galloping bitch living there.