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Unread June 21st, 2010, 03:05 AM
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I seriously dont care anymore if this site is still up. In a year or so BBV will be the new circuit city. so why continue this forum, sure for the friends but thats what AIM or MSN is for

While the concept behind it was great, it goes to show not many have balls to stand up to BBV( myself included as at the time I chose not to go through their bullshit investigation) But if some just stand their ground and end up being terminated, then you have a good case( TAKE IT FROM MY experience)

Like the a thread which involved a "creeper"( now I am not attacking the poster, cause I know he was seeking advice. But when a drunk man says to your female workers he likes rape the damn police. Especially if he creeps out female SL alone during morning shifts. Safety should come first before profit.
If those assholes from the company say you are wrong. Then you have grounds to go after them, cause you are protecting your workers. In the end you become the right man

Which reminds me of Blockbuster store from the company, or whatever his fucking name was that came to this site. Saying good things was changing and tried to make the company look compassionate. Then you call me wrong for calling out his bullshit? please

They have gone after an ASM cause she didnt show up for work when her mother had a stroke.

They fired a SL cause he went to threw out a customer after an attack on a female CSR

and the list goes on. But of couse BBV most cases sides with the customers...and we sit on here talking about random crap

I say change things and start doing crap, make them realize that they fucked with the wrong bull... cause if this doesnt happen. It will keep going till their demise and many more good people will be thrown out like yesterdays trash

now i am sure some of you will slander or make fun but seriously i dont care... in your heart you know I am right.