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Flant, in the occasion that you were fired over something so minuscule like that, then what could have BBV482 have done for you?

what can someone on the administrative level possibly do to fix something on the operational level that was already said and done? was it not enough that you were given an email and phone number to contact this person?

for all we know, you're angry, obsessive approach at requesting help from BBV482 is what cut the communication between those of us on this site and those at corporate. who knows, a stunt like that could have been a sign to administrative employees who monitor this site that us operational, store-level employees can't compose ourselves if we don't see things the way we want them. they may have lost all trust in our ideas and thoughts because you decided that harassing one person with intents of helping us was in your best interests.

now, i'm not saying that it is/was your fault that BBV482 has disappeared but what if it was? is being so angry and frustrated over a meaningless job really worth it?
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