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Unread October 25th, 2009, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by abhorrent scowl View Post
OK, I read the report again and saw that you're right, she did go to the DM. But it doesn't give a timeline for when she did (that is, how long the harassment had been going on). The report does mention that she called the store to get the DM's number after she was fired. Not that anything excuses his behavior, but if it was later, I have to wonder why she would wait so long to complain.

And if it seems I'm being hard on her for not speaking up, consider this: my wife was once a victim of sexual harassment at work. She told me about it, and I backed her up 100%. She didn't get a lawyer, since she wasn't looking for a payout, just the chance to continue to work at a job she liked without being harassed. So we had a "nice little chat" with her boss, and made it clear that there would be consequences if he ever so much as looked at her sideways again. He folded immediately, and my wife contiuned working there for a few more years until a better opportunity came along.
So maybe it's because of that experience that I look at someone who would show her breasts twice and have to shake my head.
I've been a paralegal for 13 years...trust me, your situation is a rare one. Sadly, most people are too something to stand up for themselves. too scared, too timid, too submissive, too non-confrontational, too something. having been on both sides of the fence, i can see the problems for either. However, she did go to others in the company, they did acknowledge it (the assistant manager had a duty to do something, and he didn't. the dm had a duty to do something, he did not. while your wife was able to get it resolved, this person was not. she did what she was supposed to do and got nowhere. i'm sorry, but if it were me, or my friend, or somebody else, i would be suing their asses off. she did her duty. they failed in theirs. they are at fault.

kudos to you for supporting your wife. sadly, that's another thing that doesn't happen...
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abhorrent scowl (October 28th, 2009)
Unread October 28th, 2009, 09:31 AM
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Now show me your tits, and I will give "Thanks" to your post.

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Originally Posted by Jim Keyes
OK ladies, gents, shareholders... I must admit, I haven't a goddamn clue about what to do. Things seem so rough, I just wanna go home. No lies, we're in a pickle... WAIT! I HAVE AN IDEA!
Originally Posted by deathbydanny
If I want the experience of being in the store, let me have it on my own fucking terms.
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turtletime (October 28th, 2009)


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