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Unread April 8th, 2011, 10:30 PM
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Time For A Round Of Introductions

Since I have no doubt Dish execs are reading here perhaps we should all introduce ourselves.
For those who believe no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not, no explanation is enough.
Unread April 8th, 2011, 10:39 PM
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Hi. I'm Mom. I hate Blockbuster. Why, you ask? Because they destroyed an industry that I love with their greed. Now that they have gone bankrupt and you have purchased them I feel in a way that the losses that I and so many of my independent video store owner friends have endured have been avenged.

And so, I shall extend my hand in warm greeting. It is nice to meet you. There is an amazing group of people who post here that really care about their jobs at the new company that you are forming.

Read what they have to say. Don't make the same mistakes BBi did. No one knows your customers and stores like the very people who work in them all week long.

Oh, and as for my friend 482, give him a huge raise. You can take the money from Jim. That is, if you plan on keeping Jim. As for me I'd show him the door and put someone in there that cares about your employees, for a happy employee who loves their job will make you far more money than anyone who thinks pickles is the answer.

Best wishes to you.
For those who believe no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not, no explanation is enough.
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Hi, I'm OzMan. I could say everything Mum said, and more. However, I bite back, and have been one of the many thorns in BBI's side (obviously, I would be a complete and total idiot to give you too much details, and if there is one thing I am NOT, it's complete and total .... but let me say, although I doubt EVERYONE at BBI would recognise my name, there are at least a couple who probably would say "oh, him")

All I can really say is, welcome, good luck, and try not to bugger it up too badly. Good and fair competition is good for everyone. It's when the 800kg gorilla is vain AND stupid that you have trouble. And BBI was vain and stupid for way too long.
"Never mind him, he's just trying to get laid"

--Helena Bonham Carter
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Originally Posted by OzMan View Post
although I doubt EVERYONE at BBI would recognise my name, there are at least a couple who probably would say "oh, him"
Oh, you're Reed Hastings.
Life is not one thing after another, it's the same God damn thing over and over -- Dorothy Parker
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Hi everyone! My name is Big Dog and I'm an alcoholic! Woops, wrong group!

I was a SM for bb for almost 6 years. I came on board as a movie loving, friendly, positive employee and left hating bb, movies, idiotic sales goals, and stupid customers.

During my time with bb, I got to meet many people in corporate from Jim Keyes (shook his hand and talked to him), Tom Kirchoff (he did visit in my store), and someone from the Games Department(English guy) I can't remember his name (bb hired him afor his idea for Top 20 movie and games section, then rolled it out improperly, then let him go, then hired him back to fix it).

My district was one of the many test markets throughout the US (except ours was one of the successful ones, so they changed it). Our test market was suppose to only 8 weeks, and we continued it for almost four years before they went national to those STUPID TERMS. The last part was the best, we did all movies for $2 for 1 night, and 5 days for $5. Our TNR was the best, the movies were returned every day so we always had movies in stock, and our customers loved the options and price. Even though we had 5 redboxes within 3 miles of the store, we were packed with customers in the store.

I left bb this fall when I saw the writing on the wall. As I explained numerous times, bb kept making me change items that made money so every store could be the same (and they did exactly that, they almost closed every store). My store was in a small town, and I tailored the store to meet the needs of the customer (happy customer, increased sales, everyone happy except bb). Since we didn't have any game stores in our town, and our walmart was an old tiny one, I sold every game available. I was number one in game presales even though we were the smallest store of the district. I had midnight releases on every big game title (even some smaller ones), and I kicked butt in TRADES! I asked for anything game related, went to other stores on my days off and took all the other stores games that wouldn't sell and MADE LOTS OF MONEY. How did bb reward me and my store? They would make me transfer all the games out to other stores. And if I didn't, I would get yelled at for not hitting transfer compliance. They wouldn't send me games I preordered, and would only give me one copy of the games if I got any at all. I also had a game trade table by the counter and I would sell no less than 40 ppg's a week. Table wasn't "in the MAP" so I had to take the games down and put them inline and on endcaps. We dropped to under 5 games a week sold.

Other examples of bb "bad decisions" include moving PRP to areas that didn't sell, telling us what soda pop we had to carry (I sold cases of cherry coke each week), taking down confection tables and displays (I was number one in country per active member prior to changes), telling us to put horror movies on kids endcap, and kids endcap next to action section (It had to be that way to MAP), shoving promotions down the customers neck, bb not changing rent codes on movies before they come out(coded bsi), COMPUTER SUPPORT(come on and get some english speaking people!), putting retail out live in high theft areas, and on, and on, and on.

I would get upset with my DM when he would come in and make me change something that made the store money, but wasn't in the MAP. I stopped arguing and started to make the store look just like the MAP. Shortly after these changes I closed my store. I transferred to another store 30 minutes down the road.

THEN CAME CAM! When it was first introduced, I hated every part of part of it. We had to hit ALL our goals every week, no exceptions! All stores goals were the same, and even though we were a smaller store, we still had to hit the same goals as the large city stores. I had to write up one of my CSR's because she sold 35 candy bundles, 20 rewards, but only got 1 game presale for the week (not acceptable). I had conference calls at 7 am, on Sundays, and even on our days off. We had to call our store every hour to find out sales results, and call DM if we didn't get a certain amount for the shift. The threats were ridiculous. I later found out from the DM that most of the pressure came from the RDO. She(RDO) asked him how many managers he fired in the last year, and he said none. She said you aren't pushing your managers hard enough then. (Side note: He just quit after 20 years with bb)

The bankrupty came and I thought bb would make some changes to make the stores profitable again. Boy was I wrong again, and it was "business as usual". I thought that "Make the Day" would help, but after a couple of weeks, we were back to pushing the same stupid, unachievable goals. So I decided to look elsewhere for employment.

I took a position with a not for profit retail store that sells donated items. Within the last couple of months, I was able to use all my ideas to make the store successful (double digit increase every week, only store to beat budget, big increased check average, and even won an award). They have been so impressed, they are considering increasing the size of the location 50%. The lack of stress has been great, no phone calls and text every hour from work, and no pissed off customers because bb pulled some baloney without letting them know.

Sorry to write a book, but it's nice telling others about the bad decisions, and choices bb made to get in the situation it got itself in. I hope Dish takes care of the remaining stores and employees, there are a lot of good people stilled employeed. Thanks for reading!! WOOF! WOOF!
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Hi! I'm zooworker. Exemployee after 12 ears of service with BBI. Was let go due their nasty practices with employees, wouldn't put up with the crap. I do hope BBI comes out a changed company and gives their store workers respect and long over due rasies.
It's been a Fun Ride,
THANKS!! Old Friends!!
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I am Freemason. I am currently working as a SL at my store. I am happily awaiting positive changes in the stores. I am done with outdated goals and will only meet the customers immediate entertainment needs.

For the love of all that is holy, please do away with goals on candy bundles. Let us run our stores and get the DM's off of our asses. We know what needs to be done without having our jobs threatened every day of every week.
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I'm easy1234. My story is much like zooworker's. Loyal employee for more than a decade. Screwed over by the company. I hope for those left's sake, Dish cleans house above the store level and gets rid of the hostile work environment!
"If anything is going to fly, this garbage truck better sprout some wings!" U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Burton Lifland
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hi dish.

i once was a customer of yours. so yeah, my faith in your ability to do anything... hmm, let's just say ANYTHING is very very small.

Unread April 9th, 2011, 07:31 AM
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Fuck dish network they fucked up my house and had to pay for it. The installer doesn't know about building materials and density....A bunch of fucking idiots work for Dish on the lower end.

I also dislike the workers that work for dishnetwork installation/ the service of dish network.

Even the Devil, which is the main share holder of blockbuster is saying you guys are making me look bad!

Horse Power is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how far you take the wall with you.

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