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Unread August 9th, 2006, 10:09 AM
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This is, by far, my favorite thread.
Unread August 9th, 2006, 11:46 AM
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Yes! I got another one in mind.

In this corner we have the customer who wants to know the inner workings of the store.

C: So, those are what you use to lock the movies?
Me: Yea
C: They're locks?
Me: Yeah...
C: So we don't steal the movies.
Me: Uh
C: You just put them in like that and can take them out?
Me: Yeah
C: But we can't take the locks out
Me: Nope
C: Are these the security strips that set off the alarm?
Me: Uh
C: So we can't walk out with the movies right?
Me: Right...
C: You'd know we had a movie if it went off.
Me: Yeah, I guess.

Usually it's some dumb 12 year old asking these questions, but occasionally it's an older guy... or middle age. Actually, it could be any age. I've had everyone curious as hell. I'd like to follow up their questioning with, "Should I keep my eye on you next time you enter the store buddy?"
Unread August 9th, 2006, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by igniteice
I'd like to follow up their questioning with, "Should I keep my eye on you next time you enter the store buddy?"

Well, with those types of questions, I think I would either (depending on the customer) jokingly ask that, or much more seriously and suspiciously ask "Why do you ask that??"

Speaking of 12 year old kids, what is it with them and wanting to "test out" the EAS system for me?? You know, I SHOULD just have you arrested for suspicion of shoplifting if you are going to purposely set off the system.
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Unread August 9th, 2006, 12:48 PM
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I don't know if this has been mentioned or not (bite me if it has), but what about customers who simply talk bullshit with another customer? And you happen to overhear their misinformed bollocks?

For example:

Customers were renting 'Garfield'.

Cust #1: "What's that dog called in 'Garfield'?"
Cust #2: "It's called 'Oddie'."

I half-blame Shelley Blond for not saying it right.


We were listening to music in store (*gasp* don't bother telling me we were naughty, I don't care), a compilation CD, and 'Breaking the Habit' by Linkin Park came on.

Wannabe-Punker #1: "Oh, wow, I've not heard this is ages."
Wannabe-Punker #2: "Yeah, dude, it's totally shit now, but I remember there was a couple of okay songs on it. It's, like, yeah, 'Meteorite', that was cool when you were 15."
Wannabe-Punker #2: "Yeah, totally dude, but it's 'Meteorology', you 'tard!"

This amused me, mostly because I used to be a little bit like that when I was younger, but I grew out of it before I hit 18 (and they were opening an account, so go figure).
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Unread August 9th, 2006, 01:29 PM
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Our in-door return bin is the same as every other one I've seen (in the US). Around the hole that you put movies in, there is a section of 'wood' that sticks out farther than the rest of the counter. And above the hole there is a sign that says RETURNS sticking out of the counter. Now on my side of that sign is our membership card printer, and a box that connects the outdoor slot, to the bin inside. There is about 2 inches between the printer and the connection box. Customers decide to REACH OVER THE RETURN SLOT to rest their movies against the printer, but I bet the customer thinks they are being helpful.

We don't take debit (the banks in this area are too podunk to handle it) and we don't trust the customer with our credit card machines, so they face us (as the only reason it faced the customer is so they could enter their PIN). Sometimes a customer will turn it towards them, which is fine and I always warn them that we can't take debit, and to choose credit. The customer will swipe their card, then press credit and look at "Please swipe your card" and put their card away. I'll stare at the computer for a moment, look confused, then look at the mechine. "Oh, you need to swipe your card now" We will most likely converse on whether or not they will get charged twice, or how all the machines are different. Once the credit transaction goes through, I'll simply say "I'm sorry its just that our credit machines are not friendly, you have to follow the directions on the screen."
Unread August 9th, 2006, 09:22 PM
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Sometimes, the best way to vent is to create names for groups of customers that all Blockbuster employees have to suffer through, because honestly, people just suck. Some extra special customers, I even have specific nicknames for them.

For example, the gift card scenario, I've been known to refer to those people, and anyone else who otherwise complicates gift card related transactions as
Unread August 9th, 2006, 09:33 PM
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Here's a scenario I'm sure we all have had a thousand times.

C- there's no game in here
M- there isn't supposed to be
C- I must have grabbed the wrong box
M- no, you got the right box, we keep them behind the counter
C- ohh ok

does same thing next week.

I've seen parents do this....

And of course there is the customer that wants to know if "Shaggy Dog" is in. It's not on the shelf, so to lazy to stand in line, they send their kid to the front of the line to ask if it's in. Ok idiots, when we check you out, and your kid is beside you, we know it's you. You are teaching your kids terrible habits!!
Unread August 9th, 2006, 11:20 PM
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I got one, the way our counters are, the registers are facing me, and theres a counter to the side of me. When I'm checking people out, I always get someone to the side of me, standing there grilling me.

Me: Press the Green Button, then slide
Cust OS: Excuse me, don't you see me standing here?
Me: Yes, I do. I also see the people who've been waiting in line right here.
Cust OS: ....

They of course stand there till the line clears, probably to prove a point.

Me: Ok, what do you need?
Cust OS: This movie didn't work, at all.
Me: Ok, I'll switch it out for the same disk.
Cust: No, I want a different movie!
Me: Our Policy is to switch out for the same disk.
Cust: Well, I always do this, with all of your co-workers.
Me: Which ones? I will tell the SM about this?
Cust: Just give me a credit.

At this point, its not the fact that I can't or can, nor the fact I can do it just to appease this person, its the fact they are trying to undermine me, wear me then.

Me: So, you want another copy?
Cust: No, and I'm going across the bridge to Movie Gallery.
Me: Ok, I still don't understand why someone would rent a movie, just not to watch it.
Cust: ... Smartass...
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Unread August 10th, 2006, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by crystalg808
C- there's no game in here
M- there isn't supposed to be
C- I must have grabbed the wrong box
M- no, you got the right box, we keep them behind the counter
C- ohh ok

Two incidents come to mind. First was over a year ago. Guy comes up to me - in his mid 40's, very serious. He looks at me, holds up a dead game case, opens it, and says, "Hey man, I think you have a problem here; I found this on the shelf... looks like you have a thief." He was 100% serious. I look straight back at him, "No... because, we keep the games up here. It's supposed to be empty." He says, "Oh." and walks back and puts the game back on the shelf. Never saw him again. I don't think he even rented anything.

Second was a day or two ago. This guy comes up to me with two rentals and he says to me, "Hey, you got anymore copies of [title C]?" I say to him, "Uh... yeah, we have a lot, they're right back there..." And he looks at me, "I didn't see any, you're all checked out." I say to him, "Are you sure? There are rentals on the shelf right now." He says, "Oh, those are the movies?!"

Now before you say... "That's happened a hundred times - people just aren't used to converted store," let me queue you in on some details I left out intentionally. The movies he brought up were two other New Releases. His account had close to 170 rents if I remember correctly. And he also used his license to bring up the account. And, we don't have guaranteed in stock program. He went back and grabbed the movie and rented all three titles.

Now I ask you: what the hell?

People are literally stupid. I don't kid around when I tell new employees they are about to meet the dumbest people on earth here. They say, "No man, I worked at [some random retail job.]" I say, "No... trust me, just, believe me, there is no comparison."

Our games are $7.99 - that's $8.55 with tax. Ever get the customer who comes in to rent a game and says, "What! That's expensive!" And you hit history and you see they just rented a game JUST LAST WEEK. They ask you, "Did prices go up?" And I say to them, "Uh... no, it's the same price it's been for last year or so." They say, "I just rented a game, it wasn't that much."

Wtf do you say to that? Seriously. "Yes it was." And they shut up.
Unread August 10th, 2006, 04:43 AM
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Yeah, now I have to warn every... erm, person who looks to be on a fixed/low income... that two games will cost them $17.10. Then they exclaim, re-shelve one (in the wrong place), checkout, return, repeat. Saved my store many, many, many credits doing this. Do they not understand how much these damn things cost? $30-$50 for PS2/Xbox/GC, $60 for X360. It's no big secret.

And with that, I'm off to open the store, adios.


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