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Unread January 4th, 2011, 09:12 AM
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We could be their board of directors. Like Danny said, what could it hurt?
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Originally Posted by deathbydanny View Post
What they REALLY need to do is hire someone with brilliant ideas. The thing is, they're hiring people who either want to do the same lame thing they've always done, turn it into a flea market, or run it like two other businesses they've run into the ground *DUNLAPcough*

The thing is, no one's quite put their finger on the plan that can save the company. Find someone that does, look far and wide, and if it makes some sort of sense, put him in charge. What's the worst that could happen? Either the course stays and BBV bombs as is inevitable, or the idea saves the company.

And by that, they should probably put one of us in charge.
THIS!!! Although I also believe that it would help if when the DM enters a store for a visit, he/she does a "reach-around" on the GM and jiggles their balls for a few minutes.
KAWLIGA.......I'm not done until they're done.
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Originally Posted by KAWLIGA View Post
THIS!!! Although I also believe that it would help if when the DM enters a store for a visit, he/she does a "reach-around" on the GM and jiggles their balls for a few minutes.
lol DM are require to visit stores and sign off the blockbuster way constantly It seem they want to make sure everyone is doing the blockbuster way constantly all the time. >_> some of the bb way is fine but other stuff is just stupid. They want me to tell everyone my name like it means something right now. All I want to do is just talk to them and if they like me or want talk to me in the future, they can ask for me name. It would actually mean something. Not just spit it out because the customer would just not pay attention.

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Originally Posted by KAWLIGA View Post
THIS!!! Although I also believe that it would help if when the DM enters a store for a visit, he/she does a "reach-around" on the GM and jiggles their balls for a few minutes.
You mean "The Blockbuster Way"?
Originally Posted by Jim Keyes
OK ladies, gents, shareholders... I must admit, I haven't a goddamn clue about what to do. Things seem so rough, I just wanna go home. No lies, we're in a pickle... WAIT! I HAVE AN IDEA!
Originally Posted by deathbydanny
If I want the experience of being in the store, let me have it on my own fucking terms.
Unread January 5th, 2011, 05:20 AM
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The Top Ten Ways to Fix Blockbuster

10) Stop Killing the Trees

We use more paper in this company then any other retail store I've ever been to. We have receipts that print a mile long, and coupons that print out of it (sometimes more then one at a time). We also have at least 20 pages of paperwork to fill out and file in the mornings. When we transfer anything, it prints pages upon pages of information that we are supposed to file in a binder somewhere.

This is an easy fix compared to most things on this list. We need to store all of this information onto a computer. Wow, such a difficult thing that is in 2011. We need to catch up to the times in more ways then one, but this is just too easy. We need to put rewards coupons back on customer accounts, and any other coupon can be distributed through e-mails, or add it to accounts for promotions.

If we could have a system where we move to a digital filing system, then it would save a hell of a lot of time in the mornings.

9) Power to the Players

Gamestop will always have the competitive advantage against us in game presales. They really have the advantage when we don't offer anything close to what they do for presales. I go to Gamestop to preorder because I will get my game plus a cool add on feature to the game just for doing so. What do I get at Blockbuster? A $5 giftcard....wow...I'm overjoyed for that.

If we are expected to get game presales then we need to offer something to lure customers to us. Now most of us have a Gamestop within a mile of your store, and it won't be easy to compete with them. Nothing is ever easy though, so if we gave it a shot then I don't think we would lose anything that we aren't already losing with them.

8) Hours and Holidays

There is no reason to continue the 365 day opening schedule at the stores. No reason to have any store stay open past 10pm on anyday. Matter of fact, our store could close at 9pm throughout the week and 10 on Friday and Saturday. Business past 10 is abysmal and safety becomes an issue in some locations. Holidays that we could be closed would included Thanksgiving, and Christmas. That is all I would say we need to close. Other holidays and dates we could have reduced hours except Christmas Eve which is still a money maker for us.

By reducing hours, and closing on holidays, we could save money by not needing to operate the store as long as well as not having to pay for the labor of those days.

7) Ideas of Innovation

We need a new concept for our business. If we are to stay with our current stagnant system of ideas, then we will fully fail as a company. You cannot progress by having the same set of bad ideas. Bad ideas, and poor decision making got us into this mess, and we need fresh ideas to get us out.

A couple of ideas would be to promote charity events. For instance, get together with a charity in your area (or a national one) and hold a game tournament. The tournament would present the winner with a great prize, and all proceeds would benefit the charity. Blockbuster would then be able to change the perspective of the population because; let's be honest, public perception is extremely fickle.

Anything at all to change the way we do business would be a step in the right direction. I will come back to this later on in the list.

6) P(iece) O(f) S(hit)

Our computer system in its current form is unacceptable for 2011. It was unacceptable for 1997 must-less now. We need to revamp our system into something at least from our own decade. Using a DOS system makes me think chimpanzees run the IT department. We need something that is a little faster. It's not that it is a hard system to run because it really is not once you get the hang of it. However, it is completely out of date and useless in most cases.

With the new software would mean new hardware. No way our 1980s IBM machines could run a current software system. You can find hardware for a good price in auctions and wholesale. Our monitors would need to be replaced in favor of inexpensive flat-screens that wouldn't take up as much space.

For a printer, I would say invest in All-In-One printers. Get us something that we can fax, copy, and print. No need for scanning of course.

5) Demographics

Alright, so every week or two, we are presented with new changes to the map and what we are supposed to stock and present to our customer base. Here is the kicker, it all comes from Dallas, Texas. I'm sorry, but this bugs me because how in the hell are they going to know the type of people who walk into my store compared to one 1000 miles away. They have no idea what kind of people walk into my store on a daily basis and what they want.

I would say that corporate should give us a suggestion, and we could choose to follow it or not. The exception to this would be end caps bought by the studios for their own purposes. Where we place our PRP tables, and what we choose to sell, should be up to us in the store. We have a much better idea of what the customers want. How? WE WORK IN THE DAMN STORES!!!!!

Simple demographics would go a long way in this company, which leads me to....

4) Power to the Stores

It is time to start fazing out some power from the District Managers. We at the store level are grown adults and can handle the pressures of sales just fine without having to hear from these DMs every week on the conference calls who talk to us like we're school children.

A simple plan could probably end the need for DMs entirely. Consistency would keep your job, and continued inconsistency would lose your job. That simple philosophy could bring more decisions at the store level and save the company money for paying these DMs to watch over 10-20 stores.

3) Employee Appreciation

Enough with the "you can wear jeans this week" bullshit. I wear khakis everyday regardless, and I know a lot of others that do the same. I could careless about this and it does nothing to improve moral around the store.

You want us to get sales? You want us to be consistent and do everything your way?

Then give us a raise. Here is what I see from corporate after mentioning that.

Stop holding the gun to our heads with your index finger on the trigger. How do you expect to get any progress by threatening people? Positive Reinforcement is a proven way to go over punishment. Try it out Blockbuster!

2) Take Out the Trash

It's is time to relieve a lot of higher ups of their duties and get new people in their place. We don't need someone from a failed company (I'm looking at you Dunlap). Jim Keyes needs to go, if not for his incompetency, then for this....

That is what this man looked like after coming out of bankruptcy court in New York. Now I know some people would say that he should be happy for being granted bankruptcy, but you people are so very wrong. You do not, under any circumstances, smile about filing bankruptcy. It is not a success, it is not a good thing for our company. Bankruptcy is the sign of the end of a company, and very few ever emerge to be successful. Keyes should have left with a solemn look on his face which would give the impression that we are in tough times.

Anyone who has made any sort of plan in the last decade should be let go. It is time to revamp everything from the CEO down to the District Manager in Helena, Montana. We have to have new people with progressive ideas in order to make it out of this hole without liquidation.

1) Customer Option

Some stores in test markets have already tried this, but I believe it would gain us trust across our customer base if we gave them a choice. 1-5 day rentals at 1-5 dollars depending on the choice. The dollar late fee would stand.

Choices make customers feel like they hold some sort of power. It is a good thing that will promote growth within our stores because we could stay competitive with Redbox in this way while at the same time offering the customer service that these machines cannot.

10 Easy Ways to fix the company. Will it be done? No....but one can dream....I can dream....*sigh*
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Originally Posted by BUYMECAR View Post
but going off that, one thing Blockbuster should implement in the stores is organizing retail bays by price.

bay 1: 7.99 and less (in alphabetic order)
bay 2: 12.99 and less (in abc order)
bay 3: 19.99 and less (in abc order)
bay 4: box sets and movies $20+
bay 5: kids and disney (in abc order)
Oh hell no. This was done during the holidays in my store and it was a nightmare. Reprices took forever. People (customers and CSRs) put stuff back in the wrong section all the time. Also quickly finding a title was no where near as easy as when they were all alphabetized.
Unread January 11th, 2011, 04:02 AM
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There is only one word that would make this company better.

Unread January 11th, 2011, 11:16 AM
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The company has been talking about revamping the rewards card for years. Just do it already. Our rewards customers are paying customers & they are disappointed by us on a regular basis. They liked when we changed mon-wed offer to be mon-fri. They hated when we started printing coupons for them instead of storing them on the account. They are pretty understanding about late fees. They are not generally mad about that. But when everything is 3 days it makes them not want to take their free favorites. Maybe rewards members should get a longer duration on their free favorites.

Rewards members are under appreciated. They are paying customers. Yet we give all the privileges in the world to online members. Like no dues dates, basically everything is free. You never have to spend a penny in the store to keep them open. Hell now the online members get 1 free express box rental per week for 5 weeks. Why can't rewards members get some extra perks. I'm not saying free everything like the online members, cause obviously that is financially a bad idea. I mean even online members get coupons inside their mailers occasionally like B1G1 20 oz coke product or 99 cent 2 liter. And that is when I can actually convince an online member to spend. But truthfully a rewards member would love something like that.

There is a million ideas on how rewards can be revamped. Just make a decision & do it. We've been told corporate has been working on it for years now. I could have done it by now.

p.s. I'd give it away for free just to create loyalty. Which would increase revenue. Basically a nonloyal person wouldn't spend $15. But a nonloyal would take it for free & become loyal if the program was good. Therefore getting me the extra $15 per year, just in loyalty, not in the membership fee.
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Originally Posted by BBBlows View Post
They tried to reduce their paper use awhile back. They successfully removed some items from the daily report and replaced those sheets of paper by making the credit sheet much longer and still having useless cover pages. It was then that I realized that anything Blockbuster tries to implement will be a complete and utter clusterfuck.

What paperwork should we cut off
Yea, it is a Winning Store, but now we are closing it"

"The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far is as needed?" - II DUCE
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Originally Posted by Blockbusterstore482 View Post
What paperwork should we cut off
You could probably start with the two cover pages to Not Checked Out and some other report. They basically tell you what the report is used for or something, in other words, they went straight to the trash day after day. When Blockbuster claimed they saved I believe $500,000 by reducing their paper, I figured they would do away with those two pages at least.

Half the credit report also got trashed, do we need to see all the PRP and candy credits? I figured it was just the terrible computer system what keeps them from making a better system. For any other company, most of the reports would be paperless anyways, to bad BB is so far behind the times.


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