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Unread July 27th, 2011, 08:58 AM
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Need Help or Suggestions

So we get a shipment 4 weeks ago from a closing store 30 boxes weight around 20-40 pounds prp and candy ect. Work my day fine open the next morning a box is sitting over in customer walk way so i lift and move it sense ive been lifting all day yesterday its ok no problem .I ended up hurting my back.i opened by myself so no other csr to help iam assistant manager i call my store manager tell her iam in big pain i need to go to a clinic .she reply's back i closed last night i cant come in can u just work thru the pain.i tell her arent you salary she says so .i tell her iam really bad pain.call pther shift leads to cover wow..long story short i ended up going to a private Dr later on that day another sl from another store came 3 hrs later ...

So i go they say u need to be off for 4 days so i go back to work with restrictions.i look at the schedule iam only scheduled for one day the day i came in only .remind u iam assistant manager 40hrs now i see only 8hrs.so I open that day then a shift leads tells me iam suppose to train him in open dutys iam like ok.show hill all the morning duties et cause he came from a closing store.everything's going ok still walking with a limb cause of my back.2 hrs into it my store manager comes in she's not even scheduled today to open iam like weird ok.then 30 min My district manager comes in iam like ok alot of changes are going especially with the new kids passes.Manager tells me dm wants to talk in the back he says hows ur back iam like still in pain but going thru therapy. He continues to tell me that are region is changing and blockbuster is eliminating assistant managers u are the highest paid in the region remind u guys this the lowest paying job ive ever had since leaving college $11.00 40hrs is pretty low for doing all the managers job and more.he says were going to part ways and give a severance package etc. for 20weeks u can clock out now and thank you for your hard work.i was like what the fuck?
Iam thinking in my head do they not know iam still going thru workmans comp for therapy ? So i leave with a fucked up feeling inside like wow i gave this compay 2 yrs this how they treat me .
is there any legal action i can take ?
also i called the store yesterday to ask who do i give the therapy paper work to my manager says i dont know ? hangs up.
Unread July 27th, 2011, 03:57 PM
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Call HR as soon as you can, id guess.
Unread July 27th, 2011, 04:29 PM
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Well you can do two things

A lawyer might be good if you hurt your back on the job. Thats a lawsuit waiting to happen

Two work whatever hours they give you till they let you go. Then file for UE, with your status you are a shoe in
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Baby Firefly (July 27th, 2011)
Unread July 27th, 2011, 04:44 PM
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HR is going to ask for your sales updates. How you been selling lately before continuing the conversation ;___;

First off! That SM is either has been pick on or had crappy employees before to justifies hes/hers actions. Your back was in pain and you couldn't perform normal duties. Depending when the next SL would come in is important. If you couldn't last until the next manger to come in. You have to close the store because your healthy is in danger. Anyways, very surprise the SL didn't know how to do morning work duties. Its not hard. Their is a binder explain the steps.

Now the DM comes in with SM and talks about your position being eliminated. Well, its true the company is doing this around the United States but it depends on the stores location. But the ASM cutt was a couple of months ago. Its shocking news to find out they are still doing cuts. BUT They can not just walk in and do this! Example: when the 4-star position was around, they cut it so no one could get promoted to that position. The remaining 4-stars were the very last. Meaning if they quit or get fired. They could never get that position back. It sounds like the DM was making a deal to prevent you from sueing or something.

now this is important. What did you say to the DM? You had to say something like "Whats going on? You getting rid me because I hurt my back?!?!"

Yes do call HR.

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Unread July 27th, 2011, 04:48 PM
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The Blockbuster's Handbook

Workers’ Compensation

If you are involved in a work-related accident or injury, you should notify your supervisor or manager immediately and obtain medical attention promptly, if needed. In addition, you should complete the appropriate accident reports and forward them to your manager within 24 hours of the incident. Risk Management, Human Resources or your manager can assist you in determining which reports are necessary based on the situation.
Blockbuster provides designated work injury clinics for medical treatment of work-related injuries. Relevant information is posted in all facilities or you may obtain it from a supervisor or Human Resources.
You are expected to provide work releases, restrictions or other information from the treating clinic to your supervisor. If the work-related injury requires you to be on temporary transitional duty, Blockbuster will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your work restrictions and provide a temporary transitional duty assignment. You are expected to attend medical appointments, comply with the doctor’s recommendations and work your temporary transitional duty assignment.
Blockbuster will not tolerate the act of knowingly filing or assisting with the filing of a false workers’ compensation claim. The misrepresentation of an injury for the purpose of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits is a criminal act. Such acts may warrant disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment as well as criminal prosecution. If you suspect workers’ compensation fraud, you are urged to notify us using EthicsPoint at 888-441-WORD [9673] or by visiting the website at www.ethicspoint.com.
If you have questions regarding workers’ compensation matters, please contact the Risk Management – Workers’ Compensation Department.
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Hot Head (July 27th, 2011)
Unread July 27th, 2011, 05:24 PM
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Lawsuit, baby....lawsuit.
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Unread July 27th, 2011, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Baby Firefly View Post
Lawsuit, baby....lawsuit.
I second this

Even the Devil, which is the main share holder of blockbuster is saying you guys are making me look bad!

Horse Power is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how far you take the wall with you.
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Baby Firefly (July 28th, 2011)
Unread July 27th, 2011, 06:31 PM
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They are eliminating the ASM position in most stores right now. You should've heard about it before anyway. So the DM was telling you the truth there.

In our region, some ASMs are apparently being offered the option of stepping down to SL or if they don't want to then just leaving (to avoid unemployment payments I guess). It's still ongoing though, here anyway. I've been told I'm losing my ASM, but I haven't so far...

Anyway, obviously the SM got annoyed with you and told the DM and got you let go. Maybe the DM was going to let you go anyway, I don't know. But like I said, in our district anyway it seems like they're offering most ASMs the demotion since they'd have to hire new SLs anyway and they don't want unemployment or severance.

So, in that respect you are lucky. You got off with severance and I think you can get unemployment too, right? And who knows what from workers comp. And heck, because of your circumstances you might get money from a lawsuit too. So, look at it as glass half-full. I mean, would you have taken a demotion to SL and a pay cut if you'd been offered?

Also, one question: Did you really get 20 weeks severance? Or did you mean two? Because 20 sounds fantastic for BB, especially if you say you've only worked here two years. If only I could be so lucky and hurt my back for four days and get 20 weeks severance out of it.
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Hot Head (July 28th, 2011)
Unread July 28th, 2011, 12:34 AM
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They arnt getting rid of the ASM position completely, only the stores that meet the criteria to have one will be able to... aka they have stiffen the rules for a store to have one. Also each ASM must be willing to take over a store within 6 months of being hired/promoted for the ASM position.. and once again the ASM that are being asked to step down or being told to hit the streets are the ASMs that your DM has decided they don't want to promote.
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Hot Head (July 28th, 2011)
Unread July 28th, 2011, 05:14 AM
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Call this guy -

Disclaimer: The postings on this site are my own and do not represent Blockbuster Inc. or Dish Network's positions, strategies or opinions. You can tell because I don't sound like a moron.


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