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Unread March 27th, 2009, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by ClutztomerControl View Post
I retract this statement. After watching videos of the device. I am sold. It's a very cool technology.

Watch this.

Most Powerful System that will be on the market.
I haven't seen the video (I'm actually not much of a gamer since the original Nintendo with Mario Brothers, Excite Bike, and Legend of Zelda), but the reviewer said he was at first skeptical. If this box allows me to play Grand Theft Auto (which it says it does) it might be enough to get me sold.

Give me a good selection of games for a monthly fee, and I think there is a big market if it is promoted correctly and has the private (venture) capital banking that it deserves (and possibly could attract new investors -- get another capital infusion -- through an Initial Public Offering that would allow the venture capitalists to cash out of their investment at a tidy profit).


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