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Unread February 6th, 2010, 07:22 AM
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Am I Wrong To Ask For A Pay Raise ?

Ok so I know the company is having a HUGE problem right now no raises or bonuses etc. I have work for blockbuster for 3 years. I started out at minimum wage . Then after I sold over 70 GTA presales by myself I got this big raise "so they say". Well it's been over 2 years now minimum wage has gone up and now that is what I am making. Everyone CSR / manger at my store gets hired the same pay as me or more. I really don't think this is fair. I mean I have been with blockbuster for over 3 years. I am still a CSR by choice, I run my own company and I don't want to be full time. I spoke to my store manager and she won't even ask our district manager. I am thinking of asking my self. I doubt I will get any where ? Any input on this would be nice.


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